Trained Family Lawyers have the power to serve as a non-lawyer Mediator. Recently, we were also granted the power to prepare Marital Settlement Agreements and finalize the details of a divorce. We do not represent either party but mediate an agreement for both parties. Family law mediation can be effective, faster, and more private than courtroom proceedings.

Attorney Mary L. Poletti is trained as a Wisconsin Family Lawyer-Mediator. Mediation works best for couples who agree on most of the issues in their divorce. Couples can consult with Attorney Poletti to determine whether their family’s situation is appropriate for mediation. Mediation can be helpful to some divorcing couples, but not all. Note that a Mediator does not represent either party to a Mediation as their own attorney.
Mediation involves working with your spouse and the mediator to craft solutions to your situation and to overcome disputes. Mediation can resolve issues and avoid litigation and will simplify your divorce. It can apply to division of property and debt, as well as issues related to minor children.

As Mediator, Attorney Poletti meets with couples together and separately, reviews all aspects of their situation, and informs the couples on Wisconsin law and document preparation and filing. She will help a couple successfully get divorced on their own terms while staying within the applicable laws.

Attorney Poletti’s Mediation goal is to bring couples to a final “Marital Settlement Agreement.” This is a document that details the parties’ agreement and will be incorporated into the parties’ final Judgment of Divorce. It is a legally binding document. In some cases, the parties can agree on some, but not all, issues. In that case, Attorney Poletti can prepare a “Partial Marital Settlement Agreement” for the agreed-upon issues.
What happens if there are still disputed issues? There will be a contested hearing or trial on those issues. The Judge will be aware that mediation failed to resolve all issues but will not have access to the details of your mediation, so you will not be compromised in any way.

Mediation is not likely to work for situations where there is a history of violence or substance abuse, or a lack of trust between the parties. A joint consultation with Attorney Poletti can help you determine whether mediation may work given your family’s situation.

You will need a court hearing to finalize your divorce even if your Mediation is successful. The Mediator does not attend the hearing. Couples receive information on exactly how to prepare for the final divorce hearing.

Call and inquire for more information about Mediation.