Are you late on a bill or scheduled payment? It is best to act on this immediately to avoid a potential bankruptcy filing in your near future! When paying back a debt, there are many alternatives to a bankruptcy that will help keep you credit score from plummeting and allow you to be stress free.

What are my options?

Debt Settlement:

Attorney Nickolai has worked with many clients to assist them in settling debts with collection agencies, credit card companies, and even student loan agencies! Negotiating with creditors is never an easy task, so let us help you get back on your feet!

Debt Consolidation:

When repaying a debt it is sometimes impossible to catch up, or maybe you are just not be in the right position financially to make a settlement payment especially with the outrageous interest rates! In this type of situation, Attorney Nickola can assist you in filing a Wisconsin Chapter 128 Case. This type of case is a great alternative to bankruptcy. As it is filed with the state court, and not considered a federal bankruptcy, you will not have to worry about any new bankruptcy being reported to your credit agencies. Another perk to this debt consolidation method is that across the three-year repayment plan, you will pay interest free!

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