A termination of parental rights can be voluntarily or involuntary. The involuntary termination of parental rights occurs when one parent seeks to terminate the rights of another parent. Under Wisconsin law, there are several grounds for involuntary termination. If a child has been abandoned by one parent, the other parent may move for the termination of rights. There are other statutory grounds and time frames for involuntary termination.

Voluntary termination of parental rights can occur when a birth parent voluntarily terminates his or her rights and allows the other parent’s spouse or significant other to pursue adoption of that child. Some birth parents do not feel ready or able to assume parental responsibilities and want their child to become part of a family that is ready to take on the responsibility. Often, the adoptive parent will decide to allow contact with the terminated parent when the child is ready or willing to meet the birth parent and if it is in the child’s best interests to do so.

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